Monday, September 6, 2010

A scrapbookers Vocabulary

Adhesive - The product that is used to attach pictures and other items into a scrapbook page.

Album — Blank book used to hold scrap-booking pages.

Archival — Will last. Lightfast.

Border – The margins of a page.

Buffered — Maintains the core of a solution and prevents transference of acid from photos to paper.

Calligraphy — Old fashioned lettering.

Cardstock — Thick, sturdy paper, usually a thicker mil then regular paper.

Clipart — Art that is purchased usually in a group that can be used royalty free.

Collage — A collection of various items.

Corner Edger Scissors — Scissors that cut corners.

Crop — To cut or to trim a photograph.

Deacidification – Neutralizes the acid in paper.

Decorative scissors — Scissors which cut a decorative pattern.

Die-Cut Designs —Designs cut from die cut machines.

Double-Mount — To place a photograph or other item on two background papers.

Embellishment — A ‘special touch’ added to your layout for cosmetic value.

Emboss — To create a raised surface.

Eyelet - Eyelets are small metal circles through which the laces are threaded on a pair of shoes. They are used in a scrapbook context as decoration and as a means to "rivet" components onto a page--mainly card stock.

Focal point – The area of a design that you would like to draw attention.

Gel-Based rollers — pens with pigment ink.

General Pattern Paper — paper with patterns.

Gift Album — A collection of sentimental items put together for a person.

Handmade Paper — Paper made by hand.

Handmade Scraps — scrap book supplies made from layered die-cuts.

Heading — The caption or title.

Heritage — The traditions passed down from one generation to another generation.

Idea Books — Guidebooks usually written about one aspect of scrapbooking.

Intensity - The strength of a color.

Journaling — Any words you write in your scrapbook.

Layout — The arrangement of items in your scrapbook.

Lignin — a naturally occurring acid substance that breaks down over time.

Master Family Album — holds photos of everybody in the family and other items of interest.

Memorabilia — certificates, documents, and other items that tell a story.

Mount — to attach a photo or other item to another piece of paper.

Oval Cutters — paper trimmers that cut paper and photographs into ovals.

Page Protectors — acid-free plastic sheets protect your pages when they are complete.

Pattern Paper — paper with designs repeated on the entire page.

pH Level — measurement that tells a scrap booker how acidic or basic something is. Seven or above is thought of as ideal when scrapbooking.

Post-Bound Albums — scrap-booking albums that are held together with big metal posts that run through the pages.

Reversible Adhesive — an adhesive that can be removed if necessary.

Strap-Hinge Albums — scrap-booking albums held together with plastic straps that run through a holder directly on the pages and keep the book in place.

Template — a stencil or other pre-made item.

Theme — the overall subject.

Vellum — a lightweight, translucent paper.

Wax Pencil - A soft, acid-free pencil used to write on glass, plastic and photos.

Workshop —a class usually held at a scrap-booking store to help people new to scrapbooking to get started.