Saturday, October 30, 2010


I am having a great time working in my Scrap Room today.  I am working on projects for an upcoming craft fair.  I found this really fun craft at KRISTENSKREATIONS.  Here are the finished pictures.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Does Your Photo Storage Box Need To Go On A Diet?

Let me be direct…is your photo box getting a little chubby?  In other words, are you too busy to scrapbook?  I can barely get in a shower, let alone scrap.  MY reasons are: I work full time, I’ve got a new business, a daughter whose expecting, laundry, wonderful boyfriend, needles inserted in eyes…you get the picture.  Tweak this list a little and you can see yourself.  So, what is a craft-loving, super woman (or man) to do?  That box of photos is not getting any lighter, in fact; it’s gained about 10 pounds in just the last year alone.  It’s about time to do something about it. One page at a time, one event at a time.  Don’t look at the big picture, because you will become overwhelmed.  Don’t spend your time trying to create the perfect layout.  Honestly, I’ve been saying this since the beginning of time…just get them down.  That’s my motto.  That doesn’t mean that your scrapbooks are going to turn out awful.  I’ve got some nice layouts that took 15 minutes or less.  Stick with a theme throughout your album; that alone will save you GOBS of time.  How about this…steal, steal and steal some more!  It’s fun to be creative, but that takes time and if you really need to just catch up, the internet is the perfect place to steal someone else’s imagination (or your neighbor at the next crop).  Once you catch up, create away!  Let’s start on a goal, lose a pound a week.  That’s not too much to ask, is it?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Take the Guilt out of Scrapbooking

Do you ever wonder why you need to scrap EVERYTHING??? 

I do, all the time.  It’s this weird thing I have where if I don’t scrap it, I feel completely and utterly guilty!  Let’s say I take a walk and see the cutest little duck in a pond, I take a picture of that cute little duck and feel the need to scrapbook it (sound familiar?).  Why, I ask you, WHY????? 

Don’t you think it’s time to take it down a notch?  I do…well, for myself anyway.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to scrap as much as the next guy.  Believe me, it’s a hobby that I am fervently into, so please don’t hate me for going off for a moment.  I’m really just trying to say that it’s ok to downsize, if nothing else but for your sanity. 

My advice:  Stick to what you really feel is important and scrap it.  All else goes into a box (make sure it’s acid free and don’t forget to categorize it – you know, under “Fowl, Spring of 2010.”)  And if you have a rainy day, the house is clean, the kids are in school and your scrapbooking is up-to-date, by all means scrapbook the rest.  Take a deep breath.  Isn’t that better now?